Our Speakers

During the week of the Summit, our speakers will share their experiences and teach our audience how to scale their business like a pro.

We are peeling back the curtain on the best productivity tools to use and providing exclusive insight into the mindset needed to grow their business globally.

Why Become A Speaker?

Our delegates are busy women that want to build their businesses and raise their families and want to learn from specialists.

These women have set aside time to join our summit and we value their time.  We only include speakers who will share their experience and support them in taking the next step.

 We are all busy though so what’s in it for you? 

  • You will be reaching a brand new audience that you haven’t invested a huge amount of time and effort into marketing to.
  • As a speaker you will increase your exposure to new audiences as a thought leader in your industry.
  • A virtual summit will give you the chance to share your ideas with a specific audience that you want to help.